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Yoga | A To Zen  Massage - Greensboro, NC

Yoga has many benefits for its practitioners. According to The Huffington Post, these include boosting your immunity, helping ease migraines, sleeping better, boosting sexual performance, and fighting food cravings.

At A To Zen Massage, you can take many different types of yoga classes as well as Tai Chi.

• Gentle Yoga – This is a less demanding class for beginners, but all levels are welcome. Practice balance while strengthening the body, and ease tension and stress.

• Chair Yoga – This yoga class is perfect for those with limited mobility. If you are afraid of getting on the floor, you’ll enjoy having a chair to help you support your body while you are enjoying the benefits that yoga provides.

• Restorative Yoga – You’ll nourish your spine with a restorative sequence of poses. It will both stimulate and relax your body.

• Hatha Yoga – In this class, you’ll focus on mental and physical strength-building postures.

• Pilates - While Pilates is not yoga, it is a non-impact exercise for strength and flexibility training that can give you similar benefits.

The classes at A To Zen Massage in Greensboro, NC are taught by qualified instructors who have been enjoying the benefits of yoga for years in their own lives. Classes are available at different times throughout the week, so check the online schedule for more information.

Whatever level of fitness you’re at, our classes can improve your flexibility and mobility, while strengthening your inner peace. Enroll in a class today to reap the benefits of yoga in your own life. If you need assistance knowing which class would be appropriate, please talk to a yoga instructor for guidance. We look forward to seeing you.

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